Nature here and there

Nature around us

We are part of a metropolis of about half a million people, yet surrounded by nature.
Located on the eastern slope of the Loire and Cher valley, we stand in between an alluvial plain and a limestone plateau.

On the one hand, there is the river Cher gently streaming a few hundreds of meters from the house. Bikers riding the “Loire à vélo” pass by this rather wild space with vast cultivated lands. Beyond, on one side there are poplar woods while, on the other side, the bank of the river Cher hosts diverse species of birds including herons, terns and cormorants.

A  15 kg carp the Lac des Bretonnières

There is also the hillside and the plateau. While the village of Savonnières lies on the banks of the Cher, Ballan-Miré is more on the heights. On the hillside, you will find game-filled forests. Between Ballan-Miré and Joué-lès-Tours there is a small artificial lake, quite charming, around which you can stroll or practice sports.

Nature at la Fuye

One might think that in such a small space there are only a few animals. It is not so and here is a list of the few animals you can meet.

Let’s start with the local domestic fauna:

  • Okari, our dog, is sometimes a little too noisy or demonstrative but you’ll admit it’s a sweet kindness ball and an infinite hug fanatic.
  • Then there is Toto, our donkey. He is greedy and a sympathetic fellow.
  • Next, there is Grogros, the sheep. It has its temper, but he finally adopted me. With grain in one hand, I can caress it with the other.
  • In total, we have three sheep, the last one being a little lamb. It does not have a name yet because it is shy and escapes.
  • There are also chickens, about ten. You’ll find some of them strolling by the road. I’m afraid that, soon or later, they might be run over by a car.
    What can I do to save them?
  • Oh, I forgot PtiBoy, the rabbit.
We have great projects (dreams) for animals here at la closerie de la Fuye. I need to repair and electrify the 4 km fences. We have already started working on it, but there is still much to be done.
Once finished, we will get alpacas and domesticate them (that’s my secret dream). I would also like another donkey to accompany Toto. No need for sheep anymore.

Wildlife in the perimeter of La Fuye is not left out. On the ground and in the fences, there is evidence of wild boars. There is a fox family whose burrow near a badger’s. We have even seen deers, near the house, at the edge of the fields. Our dog Okari often spots squirrels and keep on the watch at the foot of the trees for hours. Next, there are bats, very friendly bats. Finally, we have hens that are free to peck where they want. Peacocks would be pretty and fancy. Why not ducks or geese?

As you see, I am a dreamer. And you?

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