The Ernest Shackleton room is part of the Ivan Illich family suite. It is associated with the Ada Lovelace room to form this suite. It’is the children’s room (but it can be suitable for anyone).

Ernest Shackleton is a character I particularly like. He is an explorer of Antarctica.
His expedition aboard the endurance (1914-1917) was particularly exciting and full of lessons. It is both a failure and a great success. Shackleton thus became a model of leadership.

Ernest Shackleton
Ernest Shackleton
Le livre "Les Découvreurs"
Le livre à lire sur les découvreur

For me, it is part of the discoverers as well as the great scientists, the inventors, the original authors. All the rooms here are themed according to discoverers.

  • Ludoviko Zamenhof: inventor of Esperanto
  • Shikibu Murasaki: the first psychological novel “the saying of Genji”
  • Ada Lovelace: the first computer program
  • Nicéphore Niépce: the first photograph

But I associate all the other scientists, inventors, innovators, creators, artists, etc., who have changed or are changing our vision of the world and humanity.

It is our turn and within our means to change the world around us.