Room Ada Lovelace

Chambre Lovelace

Cette chambre est la chambre parentale de la suite familiale. C’est une chambre remarquable, située à l’emplacement de l’ancienne chapelle, son plafond est de type cathédrale ce qui lui donne des dimensions très originales. Vous y lirez des livres sur les sciences et les mathématiques.

Je pense que c’est une chambre reposante et douillette et je suis certain que vous tomberez sous son charme. Les rénovations sont soignées, le lit est confortable et la climatisation est douce.  

Ada Lovelace (1815-1852) is a mathematician, daughter of the English poet Lord Byron. She is known for writing the first computer program for Charles Babbage’s machine. It gave its name to the computer language ADA.

The general theme of that room is science. What inspires me most is discovery and discoverers. I was fortunate to be a young researcher in structural biology and protein crystallography. Seven years shared between Heidelberg, Japan and also briefly in Tours. Discovering and opening up new horizons is a vocation, and this doesn’t apply only to ‘scientific’ sciences. Biology, physics, mathematics, philosophy, but also history and other human sciences –  and why not also religions –  are paths to understanding the world and our own experience of being. I like science, I like openness, questioning and the experience of making a contribution to humanity.


You will also find some of my paintings. My taste for art, for aesthetics, merges with respect for nature and people. My second passion is creation, the border and beyond. Harmony, resonances, vibrations and then the star.


Dear friends, dear visitors, it is not just a room or a guest house, it is a place. Not a passage point but a point of convergence. I dream you would taste this.